Yesterday’s 5 to 4 ruling from the Supreme Court – is frightening!

ATNJ Strongly Condemns Today's SCOTUS Ruling On the Muslim BanIt speaks to the damage caused when we as voters do not take the right to vote seriously!  “When one of us hurts, we all hurt!”

The most vivid manifestations of our worst selves are paranoia, conspiracy theories, and fear of others. Unfortunately, this has been a part of our history for generations. This fear of the unknown has caused children to be taken from their families and men and women to be gunned down like animals in the streets. We must reach out with love and hope, not fear. Yes, we are better than what we are showing ourselves to be right now. But saying that is not enough and posting it on social media is not enough. We must vote, protest, call, and write letters.  We must speak up and be actively involved in our communities. Most importantly, we must reach out to our elected officials and hold them accountable for their vote and their actions.

“Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it. “

Join Action Together New Jersey and be the change you want to see.