Why is the NRA so effective? Are we?

[two_thirds]Lots of PACs, SUPERPacs, and Organizations raise millions of dollars for politicians. Some give many more dollars to politicians than the NRA, yet dollar-for-dollar, the NRA is highly influential though. WHY? They get their members to turn up and to vote.

The NRA is effective because it does 3 things well: Organizes, Educates, Mobilizes

  1. Organize: you can find a sense of community nearest you and meet in person to talk with like-minded people.
  2. Educate: They inform their members all the issues associated with guns. They educate their members and the public on these talking points.
  3. Mobilize – They give them actions that their members take. Their members call and show up for these actions and they are fighting like their lives are depending on it.

Are we any different? Can we learn their tactics and become just as effective? Of course we can but the missing ingredient is you: the members.

  1. Organize: ATNJ is organized by county chapters. Join your county chapter group, start attending the meetings (if there’s not one, help to lead the group and plan them), and talk with like-minded people. You know those awkward Thanksgiving conversations that you can’t have due to having Trump supporters in your family or with friends? Talk to your Action Together county group members!
  2. Educate: All the volunteers have worked hard to provide education on key issues, starting with the Gubernatorial race. Educate yourselves and help to educate others on myths and fallacies like sanctuary cities and the tax plan.
  3. Mobilize – get thee to the nearest #Victory2017 office and phone bank. We take back our country with this election.

All the parts and pieces are there, but without YOU on-the-ground, we are not effective. We just become another listserv, and who needs that?

Sign up today for #2hours: www.tinyurl.com/2017NJDems



Why is the NRA so effective? Are we?
Why is the NRA so effective? Are we?
Why is the NRA so effective? Are we?
Why is the NRA so effective? Are we?