What makes a hero?

My fellow Advocates,

What is a hero, a patriot? Last weekend we found out what those words truly mean. James Shaw Jr., a lone individual without regard for his own safety, acted to protect dozens of lives. When he rushed the active shooter and fought for his life, to pry the assault weapon from the hands of the shooter. In this time of division in our country because leaders would rather push their selfish agendas, encourage divisive rhetoric, than do what is right by the people.

We the people must stand and demand action from our leaders to protect our children’s future. As I watch our youth have to take on the role of adults and leaders. I say no more, not again the time is now to stand up for what is right.

It is time for us to be a hero, a patriot, to vote like your livelihood depends on it because it does. If Congress will not do what they were elected to do, then we will vote every last one out of office. Enough is enough!

Join Action Together New Jersey to “Take back the house”!!

Rachel Green
Civil Rights Director
Action Together New Jersey