What Does It Mean to Be An Advocate?

What does it mean to be an Advocate? We all have unique life experiences that influence who we are and shape our values – we also all have stories to share about those experiences. Personal stories can be hard to share, but they play a large role in influencing our elected officials and impacting legislation. Everyone who has a story can be an advocate!

Action Together New Jersey understands the importance of Advocacy. As an organization, we are compiling a list of members and their personal issues/ concerns. This list will be kept confidential, and will be accessed when we have an inquiry from the media or from an elected official looking to speak directly with a constituent regarding a specific issue. We would ask your permission prior to giving your information to anyone. ATNJ isn’t looking to recreate the wheel. Our mission is to collaborate with existing advocacy groups to amplify their efforts – including sending people their way when needed!

If you are willing to have your name added to Action Together New Jersey’s confidential Advocacy Log, please fill out our Action Together NJ Advocacy Survey to confidentially provide us with your contact and district information as well as the issue(s) about which you can advocate!

You should still call, email or write letters even if you can’t share a personal story. You can talk about how legislation will negatively impact your family, extended family, friends, neighbors, community, etc., but your message will have greater impact if you can share a personal story. Remember, every call counts!