Volunteer from the comfort of your own sofa!

If you don’t like or are not able to canvass or phone bank, you can Phone It In! We’re looking for 40 more volunteers to call people who have signed up to volunteer! Yes, it takes an army to connect these people to volunteering opportunities and you can do it from your sofa. This is not cold calling, these are people who already signed up and are waiting for your call.

Perfect for SAHMs, WAHMs, unemployed, underemployed, retirees, college students, and busy bees everywhere.

So New Jerseyans are getting off the couch and signing up to help with the election, BUT we need people to make calls to these volunteers to connect them to the volunteering opportunities.

Training: 10 minutes. If you know Google sheets, you are good to go! Otherwise, it will only take 10 minutes

Task: Call volunteers who signed up to help get Phil Murphy and Democratic candidates (state, county, and municipal) elected to the available volunteering opportunities.

Where: From the creature comforts of your own sofa!

How to help: Email: Volunteer@Victory2017.com with subject “Virtual Admin”.