Urge Your Senators to Support the Marijuana Justice Act

Urge Your Senators to Support the Marijuana Justice Act

As you know, last week U.S. Senator Cory Booker introduced the groundbreaking Marijuana Justice Act to end federal marijuana prohibition and repair the harms it’s caused to the communities most devastated by the war on drugs. Drug Policy Alliance and many of our coalition partners proudly stood on the steps of Linden City Hall as the senator held a press event on the bill.

Advocates like you helped make marijuana legalization a reality in eight states across the country and now we need your help to end prohibition at the federal level. The prohibition of marijuana and the larger war on drugs are harming us all. But low-income people and communities of color have been disproportionately harmed with higher rates of incarceration and marijuana-related arrests, deportations, and justifications for police brutality. Marijuana legalization on the federal and state level must be fair and equitable and must repair past harms to communities of color.

Please take action now to urge Senator Menendez to cosponsor the Marijuana Justice Act. Please forward this alert to your friends and family across the country so they too can ask their Senators to support the Marijuana Justice Act.

The Marijuana Justice Act would end the federal prohibition of marijuana, cut law enforcement funding for states with racially disparate marijuana arrests, and establish a community reinvestment fund to repair damage done by the drug war with programs such as job training, re-entry assistance, community centers and more. This crucial bill would also cut federal funding for state law enforcement and prison construction if the state disproportionately arrests or incarcerates low-income individuals or people of color for marijuana offenses, prevent deportations for marijuana offenses, and provide a process for expungement and resentencing for marijuana offenses at the federal level.

Marijuana is legal in eight states, and medical marijuana is legal in twenty-nine states. Yet racial disparities persist in the industry, and disproportionate arrest rates continue in places that have legalized marijuana like Colorado. It’s imperative that we ensure that marijuana legalization does not continue the harms of prohibition. The Marijuana Justice Act will tackle these crucial issues. Please help us garner support in Congress.

Thanks for all that you do!