Tell Congress to protect Net Neutrality

Don’t let the FCC sell the Internet out. Tell Congress to protect net neutrality!

GOAL: Protect our right to an open Internet.

DEADLINE: Right now!

ACTION: Call your members of Congress using EFF’s easy online form. You will be connected to your members of Congress by phone.

SCRIPT: I am calling to ask you to oppose Chairman Ajit Pai’s attempts to roll back net neutrality rules. The FCC must delay its vote until AT&T vs. the FTC is resolved and until the FCC has fully explored citizen commentary.

REASON: Net neutrality preserves our right to communicate freely online. It means that ISPs must treat all traffic online as equal. Without net neutrality, your ISP can charge you more to access certain content online or, even worse, decide what content you’re able to access at all.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai rejected a request from 28 Senators to delay the vote on killing net neutrality. The Senators made their request based on anomalies in the public record that indicate that the FCC’s public comment system was compromised and exploited. Additionally, an unresolved court case involving AT&T could result in the FTC losing regulatory rights, which would leave consumers even more unprotected. We must demand that the FCC vote is delayed until the FCC can fully explore citizen commentary and until the AT&T court case is resolved. More members of Congress must put pressure on the FCC to delay or cancel this vote.

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