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Calls to Action:  These are vetted and fact-checked actions amplified along with our allied organizations and groups.  If you can’t show up, call.  If you can’t call, tweet.

#quicknews:  Factual and non-biased, these Quick News articles are re-written (from various sources noted) in short, easy-to-read news bits.  YOU be the media and share these!

Just the Facts:  Factual and non-biased, Just the Facts are also short, easy-to-read facts.  Help educate by sharing these widely.

Calls to Action

2018 NJ State Budget: Governor Murphy vs. Sweeney, Coughlin, and Dem Members of the NJ Legislature

NJ Action Week! A week of critical daily actions for New Jersey

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Take Action to Keep SALT Deduction

Three main reasons that coal mining jobs are disappearing


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Just the Facts

Congressional Campaigns Fact Sheet

Learn about the new tax plan!

Ballot Roles in Government

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