Take Action to Keep SALT Deduction

Did you know that CD 11 is the 2nd highest in the NATION ranked by % for federal deduction of State and Local Taxes (SALT)? And that Rep Frelinghuysen was the only US Rep in all of NJ to vote yes on this? We will NO LONGER be able to deduct our SALT taxes on our federal returns. Double taxation much?

SALT deduction 2014 chart

H Con Res 71 chart

ACTION: Call 202-225-5034 and tell him! Show up at his office in Morristown and bring some SALT with you. Literally, bring salt. Let’s have a salt party.

The crew of NJ 11th For Change are always there every Friday. But if you prefer to go when it’s less busy, you can go any day of the week and ask to speak to his staffer. This affects all of us, Democrats and Republicans alike.