Supporting Fair and Equitable Cannabis Legalization Legislation

Here’s the “Action” in Action Together New Jersey! Members of ATNJ, including our Director of Drug Policy Reform, Moira Nelson, testified in Trenton yesterday in support of FAIR & EQUITABLE Cannabis Legalization Legislation.
In front of a crowd of hundreds including dozens of state legislators, activists, advocates and the media, Moira stated, “It’s not about pot; it’s about people. Cannabis should never have been criminalized in the first place…..Our country’s first drug czar, Harry J. Anslinger, saw to it that it was prohibited. He was a racist. Period. Full stop. Harry J. Anslinger set the tone for the War on Drugs long before Nixon coined the phrase and is responsible for the way we perceive this issue in our nation today…..We cannot have a bill that favors rich, white men.”

The legalization bill was approved 7-4 with two abstentions by members of the Senate budget committee and 7-2 with one abstention by those on the Assembly appropriations committee. All three measures can now head to votes in the full Senate and Assembly.

This is an historic step toward ending marijuana prohibition. We’ve been able to get some fair and equitable provisions in the bill, and we need to ensure they stay in and continue pushing for more as the bill moves forward.

Tell your NJ legislators to ensure the legislation includes racial and social justice policies to repair past harms and encourages full participation in the industry by communities most harmed by marijuana prohibition.

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