Stop the 2018 Farm Bill

Stop the 2018 Farm Bill – as written, this is a poison pill America can’t swallow!

GOAL: Force revisions to H.R. 2, the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018, that treat the disabled, the elderly and low-income Americans with dignity. Remove all GOP attacks on federal aid for vulnerable people – or kill the bill!

DEADLINE: Before this vehicle for federal aid attacks can pass! It’s already cleared committee!

REASON: The Agriculture Act of 2014 expires in 2018, and another farm bill is due to be passed. However, this year’s Farm Bill is being used as a vehicle to launch GOP partisan attacks against what they consider “entitlement programs,” also known as federal aid to vulnerable communities of people. It was understood as of the passing of the #GOPTaxScam in late 2017, which robbed the Treasury for the 1% and corporations at the expense of The People, that the GOP would attack social welfare programs to recover some of their newly-created budget losses – and hurt the middle and working classes further in the process. But the Farm Bill is not supposed to be a way to recover $112 billion of the deficit the GOP created with the tax scam. Even the Farm Bill Law Enterprise, a group that advocates for strong farm bills, released an article opposing the present bill and noting, “Who Loses the Most? Food-Insecure Americans.”

ACTION 1: Call (202) 224-3121 and let your House Representative know that you oppose H.R.2 in its present form. Tell your rep to remove the attacks on food-insecure and vulnerable Americans from the bill or to vote NO on H.R.2 if those attacks aren’t removed.

ACTION 2: Share the link to this post with your friends, groups and social circles to tell them to call their House Representatives too!

SAMPLE SCRIPT: “My name is _____ and I am calling from [town] to oppose the current state of the farm bill, H.R.2. The Farm Bill was never meant to be a vehicle for attacks on food stamp programs, the disabled, poor Americans and the working class, nor a way to enact classist welfare reform against hungry families who need food assistance. The current bill would kick as many as 1 million people off of assistance programs and the CBO reports a drop in $112 billion in funding from the 2014 bill. This is unacceptable. Fix the bill to remove the attacks on working class families, or else vote NO on H.R.2. Thank you.”


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Photo: Karl Thomas Moore, via Wikimedia Commons.