Statement from Action Together New Jersey on Katie Brennan

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Statement from Action Together New Jersey on Katie Brennan

MADISON, NJ, OCTOBER 16, 2018 – At Action Together New Jersey, a group comprised of 85% women, and whose Leadership Committee is 95% women, we believe women.

Ms. Brennan’s allegation that she was sexually assaulted in April of 2017 is credible. Her fight for justice has been arduous. We applaud her not only for advocating for herself, but also for seeking to redress a system that does not treat the survivors with the seriousness and respect they deserve. We support her call for legislation that supports better training for first responders in sexual assault cases, as well as the extension of the statute of limitations for civil actions.

We appreciate Governor Phil Murphy’s acknowledgement that there was a failure and for calling for independent counsel to investigate the circumstances during the transition, resulting in the hiring of Al Alvarez. Structural problems are stacked against the victims of sexual assault from coming forward and finding justice. The re-opening of the criminal investigation is also a welcome development. These are good first steps. We are hopeful that these actions will make it easier and fairer for victims of sexual assault to come forward and to get the redress that is needed.

Historically, Governor Murphy has been a strong ally to women, and we are confident that he will do what is necessary to ensure that his administration is not only a positive environment for the women who work there, but also one that serves all women throughout the State of New Jersey. However, we will continue to follow this case as we are certain that more will be revealed and we will continue to hold all of our leaders accountable.

ATNJ stands with Katie Brennan and with all survivors of sexual harassment and assault. It is evident that our system is broken – not just in New Jersey but throughout the country. It is becoming more and more evident that women have no voice. The system favors the perpetrators over victims time and again. If Katie can’t find justice, who can? As an organization, we will continue to fight alongside the countless survivors, their loved ones, and the advocates and activists that have been seeking justice for far too long.

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