Show up to help us get the votes!

To override Governor Chris Christie’s veto on women’s health and family planning funding, we need to get some more votes.

GOAL: To override Governor Christie’s veto and win back the family planning funding that thousands of New Jerseyans count on.

DEADLINE: Wednesday, June 21st; Thursday, June 22nd

REASON: As an avid Planned Parenthood supporter, you know every year since 2010, the Governor has vetoed millions of dollars in family planning funding. Now that we’re just a few weeks away from the final vote to decide whether or not that funding will be restored, a handful of lawmakers hold the fate of the vote in their hands. To show those legislators that we need them to stand with Planned Parenthood now more than ever, we’ll be rallying near their offices. Help us ask for their support, because we need them now more than ever!

ACTION: Join us in any of these locations this week to rally in front of key legislator’s offices: Red Bank on 6/21 by signing up on the following link: ; Westwood on 6/22 by signing up here: ; and Medford on 6/22 by signing up with this link: