Share YOUR stories! Stop Trumpcare!

Save Healthcare

*** Stop Trumpcare! Share your Health Care Story! ***

The real victims of the Republicans’ heath care bill are the millions of Americans who will lose coverage – and the financial security, stability, and peace of mind that comes with it. They, and their stories, deserve to be heard. If you’re one of them, share yours online with Center for American Progress Action Fund and Save My Care!

Last week, due to your efforts, Senate Republicans were forced to delay their vote to repeal the ACA and rip health care away from 22 million Americans. But we saw what happened in the House earlier this year, we know how this movie ends—we must keep our foot on the gas pedal!

Right now, Mitch McConnell is cutting deals and planning to vote on the bill next month. We must take action over the July 4th weekend and during the week-long Senate recess to end these efforts once and for all.