Not Just House, But Senate Could Flip in Midterm Election, Booker Says During ATNJ Q&A

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Not Just House, but Senate Could Flip in Midterm Election, Booker Says During ATNJ Q&A


Washington, D.C., March 14, 2018 – Democrats could flip Senate seats in Nevada, Arizona, and Tennessee, in addition to winning a majority of the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm election, Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) told a Facebook audience during a live-streamed Q&A hosted by Action Together New Jersey (ATNJ) on Wednesday evening.

“I have a lot of hope that we are going to be able to flip the House, and maybe even the Senate,” Booker said. “We could win Nevada if people turn out – that’s where my mom lives now. We could win Arizona in the vacant seat that’s being given up by (Republican) Jeff Flake. We could even win Tennessee and the vacant seat that’s being given up by (Republican Bob) Corker. We have a lot of pickup opportunities here if we can get people out to vote.”

In addition to expressing optimism for a Blue Wave in the midterm election, Booker answered questions submitted by ATNJ members on a range of topics, from climate change to infrastructure, food insecurity, and LGBTQ rights.

“The Republican Party in America is the only major party of any country on the planet Earth that fundamentally denies the reality of climate change,” Booker said. “Fossil fuel companies have been getting tax credits, incentives, tax breaks. Big oil’s been getting corporate welfare for a long time. But the renewable industries, which are the industries of future energy…we want to make sure that we’re charging forward with the science of the future, with the energy solutions of the future, and with the jobs of the future.”

Booker also addressed the fate of the on-again-off-again Hudson rail tunnel project, which President Trump has urged congressional Republicans not to fund, saying it will come to a head this week. “We’ve been hearing that this administration wants to not let this project go forward, which would be one of the worst economic self-inflicted wounds our country can do,” Booker warned. “Congress holds the purse strings. We make spending decisions, and we are working right now on this big omnibus…to see if we can get the support to still fund the important next phase of this project. So this is going to be a week when we’ll find out if we’re going to be victorious or not, and we are working very hard, assiduously, on getting the funding for this project in place so that we can continue to move ahead. This is critical. This is a crisis.”

The nearly 40-minute live Q&A with the senator, which reached a real-time audience of more than 2,800, was the first in a series planned by ATNJ to connect activists with politicians and decision makers. ATNJ’s goal in hosting the series, which will include further interactive sessions to be announced in coming months, is to give members access to their elected officials and encourage open dialogue.

“Social media gives our members all over New Jersey a chance to participate in virtual town halls where we can voice our concerns and hear from our elected representatives,” said organizer Christine Clarke, Environmental Policy Director with ATNJ. “We’re grateful to Senator Booker for taking the time to answer our questions and energizing us for the work of mobilizing voters around these crucial issues.”

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