Donate Days: Rozella Clyde for Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders!

Rozella Clyde for Morris County Board of Chosen FreeholdersGoing up against a 100% Republican board of chosen freeholders takes a lot of hard work. We are thrilled to support Dr. Clyde, running to serve her community! Donate a cup of coffee* here:

I am Dr. Rozella G. Clyde, a Progressive Democrat seeking to break the single-party strangle-hold on the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders. I am a life-long educator, with over 40 years of classroom and administrative experience. I am also an award-winning grant-writer with a Ph.D. in Instructional Design for Online Learning. I am a strong environmentalist, who seeks to improve Morris County’s infrastructure, enhance educational opportunities, and work with local municipalities to develop their central business districts, support tourism and small business development.

I decided to run for Freeholder last year because I saw that the current Freeholder board operating in “maintenance mode”. I want to make certain that Morris County plans for a sustainable future. The current Freeholders appear to be much more concerned about what services cost, than the effectiveness of their impact. I am concerned about the welfare of all residents, and want to advance real equity and quality of life issues. When I discovered that there has only been one Democrat on the Freeholder board in the last 60 years, I decided to try to “be the change I wanted to see” in Morris County. Single party rule over an extended period limits the voices of those who are not represented. This is extremely important in our current political climate. I oppose bullying behaviors that generate hate and fear. We need to find ways to live together harmoniously and fairly.

These are the voters we need to reach. Any amount you can give will help! $3.00 will provide one car magnet. $ 5.00 will provide one yard sign. $ 50.00 will purchase 334 door hangers. $ 100.00 will help us host a “meet and greet” event. If you cannot donate, please volunteer to help staff our office space in Morristown for 2 hours, or volunteer to stand at a train station or shopping center with me to hand out literature or put out yard signs in public areas around your community. Check out my website at