Restore family planning funding in New Jersey!

The vote to override Governor Christie’s veto has been postponed until Thursday. Join us in Pinking-Out the State House to convince legislators to restore family planning funding in New Jersey!

GOAL: To override Governor Christie’s veto and restore family planning funding in New Jersey.

DEADLINE: Thursday, June 29th

REASON: Monday’s voting session in the Assembly has been cancelled due to urgent budget negotiations. This is our last chance to restore this funding and override the Governor. It’s not going to be easy. For the past seven years, Governor Christie has vetoed the restoration of this vital funding. Each time we’ve tried to win back this funding, we’ve fallen short thanks to the holdout of a few key legislators. It couldn’t be more clear: we can’t take on the Governor alone. The vote to restore essential reproductive health funding will now take place Thursday – so we need your help all week next week.

ACTION 1: Join us at the State House this Monday to meet with legislative leadership to make sure they know we’re counting on them to vote on the override. Sign up here:

ACTION 2: We need all hands on deck. Join us in the State House on June 29 – the day of the override vote – to help tell every legislator to stand with New Jersey’s women and families. Sign up here: