Protect Healthcare by any means necessary!

Ask our Senators to #ProtectHealthcare by any means necessary!
Protect healthcare! They may have the votes to CUT our HEALTHCARE. Make your calls now!!!

GOAL: Ask our Senators to Protect Healthcare by any means necessary!

ACTION: Call (202) 224-3121 and tell your Senators to vote NO on Cassidy-Graham! Tell Senators Booker and Graham to withhold consent on Senate business if needed and run out the clock on the bill!

SCRIPT: “My name is _____ in [ZIP] and I’m calling to ask the Senator to oppose Cassidy-Graham by whatever means become necessary. American lives are at stake and we need to count on our Senators to fight back by all means available to save those lives. Thank you.”

REASON: We need to protect affordable healthcare for Americans and defend key provisions of the ACA that save lives!