ATNJ Environment

ATNJ Environment proactively advocates for climate action and environmental protection. 

We seek an accelerated transition to renewables, emissions reduction, protection of clean air and clean water, science-advised policy and environmental justice.  We want New Jersey at the forefront of the global renewables revolution, both in legislative leadership-by-example and in innovative action, to benefit from the exponential job growth and economic gain to be found in pursuing renewable energy and a clean environment.

We run events, gatherings and calls-to-action that reflect our interests in the expansive benefits of clean solar and wind energy and echo our concerns about pollution-based threats to human, animal and marine life.  We work in support of smart legislative proposals, testify at hearings as needed and inform the public about open comment opportunities to affect key legislation on environmental issues. We petition. We call. We write. We speak. We march. We vote.

We believe public engagement is critical for success, and have started up a live stream series bringing politicians and constituents together for interactive live Q&A sessions to discuss #ClimateAction and #EnvironmentalJustice.  We began with New Jersey’s Senators Booker and Menendez.  



With co-host Jersey Renews, and as part of a national day of action in support of COP23 in Bonn, Germany, we also organized Clean Energy Future, an panelist-led educational forum evolving into a free public forum series.   

The all-volunteer ATNJ Environment Team is actively seeking new members interested in climate action, environmental and animal protection, and building public education campaigns toward the same. We’re interested in everyone from field experts to writers to event coordinators, united to collaboratively share with New Jersey the unique risks and opportunities our coastal state faces at this moment in the developing story of climate change and global response.

If you would like to join the ATNJ Environment team, please fill out our new member form.  Our director will follow up with you.

ATNJ Environment is a member of the Jersey Renews coalition and we partner with like-minded groups to advance our goals and unite on important initiatives.  If your organization is interested to work together with ATNJ Environment on a project, or would like to invite our team to support your project, please reach out to

 #ATNJEnvironment #ClimateVoter