Please SHOW UP for Free Press in NJ!

Want to know the MOST effective thing grassroots activists and every day citizens can do to impact legislation? THIS! Show up and be a citizen lobbyist! If you care about saving the news crisis in NJ, show up and help us!

Want to help us get a free press for New Jerseyans? There’s no paid lobbyists here, just every day voters lobbying for their legislators to fix our local news crisis in New Jersey. JOIN US!

WHEN: Free Press Action Fund is hosting a Lobby Day on Monday June 19th from 9am to 3pm to meet with and educate lawmakers to urge them to fix the local news crisis by supporting the Civic Info Bill A4933/S3303.

WHERE: We will be meeting at Cafe NJ (near the statehouse parking garage) at 9am and will be attending committee hearings and also be meeting with legislators in both the senate and the assembly.

RSVP: For more information about the plan for the day or the schedule, please contact James Thompson at or 856-304-4504.