Donate Days: Patrick Antonetti for Lincoln Park Council

Donate Days: Patrick Antonetti for Lincoln Park Council
Want to help flip Rep Frelinghuysen’s seat for the mid-terms? Because of gerrymandering, it will be very hard to flip it but YOU can help give it a fighting chance by winning local races. Proud to present Patrick Antonetti who lives in Lincoln Park with his wife. Donate here to Patrick Antonetti:

I am running for Lincoln Park Council (100% GOP) because I believe in the basic principles of democracy and that everyone should have a choice. Citizens should participate in government. Lincoln Park’s governing body has been a Republican base for as long as I have lived there. Many years, we did not even put up a challenger. Every resident needs a choice of candidates. I will represent everyone in town equally to the best of my ability. The passion and fire I possess will never fade as I represent and fight for every resident of Lincoln Park.

If I am elected, I would be the only Democrat on a Republican council. However, I believe this is a great first step. Next year, 3 seats will be up for reelection, including the seat I am running for this year. If I can get on this year, hopefully it will lead to all 3 of us getting on next year and eventually a shift in our town’s government.

I have always had an interest in politics. I volunteered at an early age when my mother ran for County Committee in Hudson County. I need help with canvassing and I would love to have volunteers or neighbors walking the town with me. I also would like to set up events in the town, such as Meet & Greets.

** Please consider volunteering and email me: