NRA Donations Are Pouring In After Parkland

Huffington Post reports that donations are pouring in to the NRA after the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 kids dead. The NRA’s strategy of demonizing the  “freedom-hating left” is working. At ATNJ, we are TOTALLY using this to ask you to donate to our gofundme that will help us Bank the BLUE votes. We need to VOTE IN Democrats. We are more than halfway there. It comes to about 10 cents a VOTER.

You can read more about our efforts at our gofundme campaign page.

  • We can register Democrats but we still need to ensure that they VOTE!
  • Hello, paper ballots!
  • “Early voters are HAPPY voters. Election day voters are grumpy voters” e.g long lines in some areas (urban centers), misinformation from poll workers can turn voters away and we lose their vote, time needed off of work, childcare needs.
  • A $10 donation means you are helping a volunteer to bank 100 votes.

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