Moving Forward From the March for Our Lives 2018


This past weekend’s events throughout our nation was a tipping point. We hope that this national awakening to gun violence includes marginalized communities who have suffered disproportionately for a long time. We ask that you demand reporters and the media to also report on the gun deaths of people of color, of women from domestic violence, of suicides, of accidental deaths from the mishandling of firearms, and of homicides.

While many of our Action Together New Jersey leaders and members helped the student organizers all over the state, the March For Our Lives was planned and carried out by students while still going to school, attending after-school activities, and completing their homework. We adults are in awe of their passion and commitment to this cause. I think we all learned that there are only two things that a teenager will wake up early for: SAT tests and the March For Our Lives.

Whether you were there in person or followed along by watching the news coverage, I hope you will take 2 minutes to see this short video. I was able to capture it while stationed at the door behind them. In less than 2 days, it has garnered over 20,000 views. These teenagers were able to hold an audience of over 13,000 marchers still. Please help amplify them and their voices.

Winn Khuong
Executive Director