Lawrenceville on 6/22 or Phone Bank!

Last chance to override Governor Christie and help women in NJ!

GOAL: To override Governor Christie and restore family planning funding in New Jersey

DEADLINE: Monday June 26.

REASON: That’s just one week left for you to make your voices heard and ask your elected officials to stand with Planned Parenthood. This week, we’re pulling out all the stops. There are just a few legislators who are still undecided on this funding, and Planned Parenthood supporters from across the state are making their voices heard loud and clear.

ACTION 1: Join us in Lawrenceville on 6/22 by signing up here: to help call Planned Parenthood supporters and ask them to reach out to their legislators.

ACTION 2: Can’t make the above time? We have opportunities to make phone calls all week – add your name here; to get more information.