Donate Days: Jonathan Lace for Caldwell Borough Council

Donate Days: Jonathan Lace for Caldwell Borough Council

Did you (or would you) sit idly by when the local town council raised their own salaries by 52% (2015)? Jonathan Lace is not going to. He has stepped to hold his local town council of (currently) 5 Republicans and 1 Democrat accountable and is running for 1 of the 2 seats up for election this year. Can YOU help? Just $5 today.


“I have always been into politics, but I never did more than merely vote in during an election. Last year, I began to get more involved with organizing local, everyday citizens to help create change for good in Caldwell. After learning more about the issues challenging my community and its Administration’s public record, I have been compelled to enter the race for Borough Council. 2016 was a costly reminder that good government doesn’t just happen by itself apart from people getting involved at every level of government. A better America begins with a #betterborough.”

3 things that I would do if elected:

  • Bring greater accountability to government.
  • Develop a 21st-century economic strategy.
  • Promote shared services and better public safety.

Your donation will go to help pay for:
-printing our remaining palm cards
-post yard signs
-at least 3 more “Coffee with the Candidates” events, which so far, have been a huge success
-two major mailings to every resident of Caldwell

Volunteer Needs:

*Prior to the election, we will need volunteers to help canvass the borough.
*On election day, we will need volunteers to help get people to the polls, return voting lists, and help phone bank.

You bet there’s money in politics! Money is needed to get Jonathan’s name and his promises to his community so that they will vote for him! This is a big bang for your buck. These little town races are what we will need to flip the mid-terms. This town will help us flip another seat in Congressional District 11, currently represented by Rodney Frelinghuysen. Let’s pass the hat!