Donate Days! James McGrath for Butler Town Council

Donate Days! James McGrath for Butler Town Council

Want to see Rep Rodney Frelinghuysen out in the midterms? Then help us win local races THIS year to help our chances in ’18. For $5, you can make a difference TODAY!

James, his wife Michelle have lived in Butler for 4 years with their little girl and golden retriever.

He noticed that each time he voted our town council candidates ran unopposed and that got James wondering why. Why is no one different coming forward to help make our town even better than it is? Why has no candidate knocked on his door and asked what he wanted for our town or what he and his neighbors thought needed work? Did they not care or was it that his opinion didn’t matter because when you run unopposed you don’t have to win anyone over? And then he realized- Why aren’t I doing more for MY town, for MY neighbors, for MY community? And that was the question he answered when he volunteered and decided to run.

Since his decision, James has been attending public events, knocking on doors and speaking with residents, because he REALLY wants to know what the residents of Butler want from their town and how he can work to help them get there. If you see James, feel free to let him know how you feel about Butler, what changes you would like to see, what concerns you have, because he wants to Build a Better Butler. Together.

“If elected, I will immediately work on identifying and applying for as many grants for parks, dog parks, schools and our library as possible I want to make this a place that young families want to move to and the generational families want to stay. I want to work on ways to make people feel welcome and included and build on and improve the feeling of cohesive community.

My main mode of communicating w voters is going door to door. A donation of $10 can buy 3 lawn signs or 100 flyers. Any volunteers who want to canvass on the weekends would be greatly appreciated.”

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