Action Together New Jersey Statement: Bob Hugin Must Clarify His Stance on Pompeo Nomination

April 20, 2018

In light of the recent nomination of Mike Pompeo to fill the position of Secretary of State, the people of this great state demand to know where Bob Hugin stands and whether or not he would vote to confirm Pompeo. As our country’s chief diplomat, Mr. Pompeo would be required to work with Muslim leaders and communities here in New Jersey as well as abroad. However, Pompeo’s vitriolic rhetoric concerning Muslims, along with his close associations with a myriad of toxic anti-Muslim organizations, is of grave concern, and we, as constituents, deserve to know where Bob Hugin stands on this crucial nomination.

Bob Hugin must realize that any individual seeking federal office, particularly the office of United States Senator for New Jersey, must represent all people of this great state. In the era of President Trump, Bob Hugin’s silence and complacency on this matter show that he is complicit in the xenophobic and racist agenda that is currently being pushed by this president and his Republican colleagues. The rhetoric expressed by Pompeo and silently accepted by Bob Hugin has no place in our senatorial delegation, and Bob Hugin must either disavow Pompeo or be complicit through his silence.

We stand with our brothers and sisters in the immigrant and American Muslim community to speak out against the nomination of Pompeo. We will not be complicit in silence against these anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim attacks.

Just as we opposed Kim Guadagno and continue to oppose congressional candidates such as Steve Lonegan for trying to paint all immigrants as criminals, we will oppose Bob Hugin for doing his part to forward his party’s racist crusade against immigrants and people of color.