Help Transition New Jersey to Clean Energy

Help New Jersey Transition to Clean EnergySupport Assembly Bill A3723 to advance our transition to renewable energy!

GOAL: To bring New Jersey forward into reliance on clean renewable power while creating thousands of well-paying jobs!

DEADLINE: Before Thursday, April 12 at noon!

ACTION: Call and email your State Assembly members! Find them here:

SCRIPT: “My name is _____ and I’m calling from [town] to ask for a YES vote on Bill A3723, the clean energy bill. New Jersey needs to transition to clean, renewable energy as quickly as reasonably possible, and I support requiring energy suppliers to reduce emissions, scale up their transition timeline, limit cost increases to consumers and extend Community Solar to low-income communities. We also need the thousands of jobs these changes will create. Please vote YES on A3723. Thank you.”

REASON: New Jersey has an opportunity to create thousands of well-paying clean energy jobs for state residents that will improve our economy, protect public health and cut energy sector pollution. As a coastal state, we can’t afford to ignore the projected impacts of anthropogenic climate change. We should do all we can to advance emissions reduction and a just transition to renewables.

For more information:

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