Help pass the NJ State Budget!


*** WE NEED YOU *** AT THE TRENTON STATE HOUSE ANNEX AT 2:45 PM TODAY (Press conference at 3:00 pm)

From our friends at Working Families NJ:

Yesterday Democrats sided with Chris Christie to hold the entire government hostage in order to help him shakedown Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. (Why? Because among other reasons BC/BS is one of only 2 Obamacare insurers in the ONLY ONE THAT COVERS MEDICAID recipients in every county. Trumpcare much?)

Today we are mobilizing activists to Trenton to stand together and pushing Democrats to stand up to Christie. WE NEED YOUR URGENT HELP!

OPTION #1: Please meet us at the Trenton State House Annex at 2:45 PM!

OPTION #2: If you cannot make it to the state house, PLEASE call legislators and demand they STAND UP to Christie! With five months to go, capitulating to the Governor when they can wait until we have a more progressive administration DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!

Senate – (888) 233-2788
Assembly – (800) 669-1505

OPTION #3: Then please email and share the NJ Working Families Action link to target legislators!! Link on how many our legislators voted in comments