Help your fellow Americans!

How do you turn $10 into $200 in emergency medical aid in less than 2 minutes? MATCHING DOLLARS!
Donate to Americares! 

Americares is one of the highest rated charities to give to, to help Americans in Puerto Rico and all those suffering from the effects of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

For every dollar that Americares receives, 98 cents goes to providing the services. Less than 2 cents goes to administrative expenses! And because it is so highly rated and widely respected, many corporations, like pharmaceutical companies, provide MATCHING DOLLARS. Americares focuses on providing emergency medicine, supplies and medical outreach. Check out their ratings through Charity Navigator! 

With all the donations that we’ve been asking, we know that we are all tapped out. But if you can skip that venti cup of coffee and afternoon pick-me-up cup, your $10 will turn into $200 of emergency medical aid including medicine for storm-related illnesses and injuries, as well as chronic disease medicine to replace medications lost in the storm.

Please donate!

Your gift is tax deductible.