They Hate, We Get Out the VOTE

They Hate, We Get Out the VOTE - vigils for Charlottesville - new jersey - voter registration - get out the vote

Can you help with 1, 2, or 3?

EVERYONE who is going to the vigils, please:

  1. print out 12 of each of these – voter registration forms and vote by mail forms – and take with you to pass out. (For Aug 12 when the racists came out w/o their hoods.)
  2. If there’s a local Democratic candidate running in your town, county, or legislative district, go to their website, print out just the main page about them, PASS those out, too! ASK them to vote for your local candidate.
  3. DONATE $5 today to any LOCAL candidate.

The mid-terms are coming. We cannot flip Frelinghuysen, Lance, MacArthurs, Smith, or LoBiondo without winning down ballot (local) elections.