Make a Call for Gun Safety and Voting Rights, Sunday March 25th!

The State Legislature is voting tomorrow, Monday March 26th on various bills including some about gun safety. Keep the energy of yesterday’s marches going and call your Assemblymembers and Senators TODAY! You’ll be leaving a message or sending an email, so you can do this at any time of day, but please do it before Monday morning.

For information on all the bills being voted on tomorrow, please read this post by Stand Central NJ. The page also includes links to find out who your Assemblymembers and State Senators are, and how to contact them.

There are also some bills being discussed about voting and how to make it easier in New Jersey. For those, please call or email committee chair Senator James Beach (D-06) before 11 am on Monday March 26th, and tell him you support automatic voter registration and early voting.

Send an email to or leave a message at (856) 429-1572.

More information about these bills can be found at this Stand Central NJ post.