Get Out The Vote!

Did you know that 2 years ago, the great Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker won by only 78 votes?

At this point, the candidates have done ALL that they can. Now it is up to us to make the difference. Yes, TODAY, is the *most critical* day. There are many Democrats and Democratic-leaning New Jerseyans who are thinking they would like to go vote but will end up on the comfy couch. YOUR call to prompt them to go vote WILL make all the difference. The Republicans will definitely show up: it’s in their blood to go and vote like lemmings headed to the cliff.

Put in your 2 hours and go make non-persuasive GOTV calls. This is VITAL for the races down the ballot that are decided by handfuls of votes.

Go to this website, enter your ZIP, sign up for 2 hours, SHOW UP. There are 27 locations statewide today open until 8pm. I will go and vote and then put in my 2 hours. Join me!