Get Governor Christie to sign on for Justice in NJ!

Is justice – “just us” OR is it for ALL New Jerseyans? Tell Governor Chris Christie to sign the REIS bill!

It’s been on Governors Christie’s desk for a month(!) and he hasn’t signed it! The deadline is July 10th for him to act on it. As you know, the racial and ethnic impact statement (REIS) bill, is critical to addressing the racial disparities in New Jersey’s criminal justice system. The clock is ticking and we need your help to get him to sign it into law!

ACTION: Call – 1 -minute Governor Christie at 609-292-6000.

Script: “I’m calling to urge Governor Christie to sign Senate Bill 677 / Assembly Bill 3677 into law. Our state still has the worst racial disparities within our prison population in the country. Racial and ethnic impact statements are critical to improving racial disparities and I urge Governor Christie to please sign this important legislation into law.”


Can’t call but have 1 minute? ACTION 2:

Fill out this letter and it will be sent to Governor Christie.

This action is from our coalition partner at Drug Policy Alliance.