Donate Days: Erin Jacobus for Hopatcong Board of Education!

Erin Jacobus for Hopatcong Board of Education

We support candidates starting from the important Board of Ed, where major decisions are made impacting your kids and your community. We are thrilled to support Erin Jacobus and ask you to SHARE this post and to donate $5 or more to help her!

I am running for the Hopatcong Board of Education with incumbent Robert Nicholson and Scott Francis as One Hopatcong. Like all school districts, Hopatcong is faced with many unique challenges. To help address them and find solutions, it is imperative that the Board of Education maintains true transparency with the public, but unfortunately, this has not always been so. I believe in simplicity and that everything that goes on in public meetings should be clear and easy to understand by everyone. If elected, I will work towards achieving greater transparency and improved communication with the public. Another focus of mine is keeping our children in district and bringing new kids to it by ensuring our schools stay competitive. As a member of the board, I will always stand for doing what’s right and in the best interest of the children in every single vote.

It is so important to be involved with our towns, and I am trying to do my part by running for this very important position. I am willing to volunteer my efforts and time to advocate for the children in the Hopatcong school district. Please help me to earn a place on our Board of Education by donating to our campaign today.

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