Follow the Money

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There is money in politics and that is the reality of it. Winning federal races requires a lot of money and there is not enough to be raised in-district. Educate yourself in order to understand the sandbox we are in. Compare the candidates in the district against each other as well as against the candidates in the state. They are all dialing the same big donors out of district to compete and making their case that they are the most viable candidate. Donors will get calls from multiple candidates.

Take a look at the big picture and look at:

-How much did your district’s candidates raise compared with each other?
-How is this compared to other candidates in the state?
-If they have been in it a couple of cycles, what is the trend in their fundraising?
-How much did they loan [in green] to the campaign? (That amount is included in their total and is usually discounted in the eyes of donors and organizations looking at the candidate’s viability)
-Who donated to them? Amount from individuals vs. PACs?
-How and where did they spend it? Who did they pay?
-Look at the most recent quarter, Q4. How much did they raise and how much did they spend (burn rate)? How is this amount compared to the others in-district? Across the state?

For detailed filings, go to the links below. The last pages will tell you exactly who donated money to them and who they disbursed that money to.

Here’s the info for this district. Worth your time and feel free to discuss your findings and thoughts. This is all public information and required filings as of end of quarter of 2017 (deadline to file was Jan. 31, 2018.)

CD 2

Tanzie Youngblood
Sean Thom
Jeff Van Drew

CD 3

Andy Kim
Tom MacArthur [R]

CD 4

Jim Keady
Josh Welle
Chris Smith [R]

CD 5

Josh Gottheimer
Steve Lonegan [R]
John McCann [R]
Jason Sarnoski [R]

CD 7

Lisa Mandelblatt
Linda Weber
Goutam Jois
Peter Jacob
Scott Salmon
Tom Malinowski
Lindsay Brown [R]
Leonard Lance [R]

CD 11

Mikie Sherrill
Tamara Harris
Mitchell Cobert
Martin Hewitt [R]

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Flip NJ2 | Flip NJ3 | Flip NJ4 | Defend NJ5 | Flip NJ7 | Flip NJ11