Democratic Candidate for NJ 3

Action Together New Jersey is pleased to provide a synopsis of each the NJ Democratic candidates for CD 3.

Andy KimAndy Kim

“I grew up in New Jersey’s Third District. It’s where I hit my first home run, earned my first paycheck, and received an incredible public school education that helped me become a Rhodes Scholar, a national security advisor, and a father of two trouble-making baby boys.  There is nothing I’d rather do than serve my country.  I believe that service isn’t just a job, it is a way of life.  I dedicated my entire career to serving the American people.  I worked at the White House on countering terrorism and protecting our country, advised the Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon on national security, and I served in Afghanistan as a strategic adviser to Generals David Petraeus and John Allen.  When I served in Afghanistan, no one asked me if I was a Democrat or a Republican.  We all worked together focused on the mission of keeping our nation safe.  I worked under both Democratic and Republican Administrations and I have and always will put the nation and the American people above partisan politics.”

To see where Andy stands on issues, check out his website here.