Action Together New Jersey is a 100% volunteer-run grassroots group. With a county chapter in every county, we meet on-the-ground to affect changes in our own communities. There are over 120+ dedicated New Jerseyans in our group serving 18,000 members! Want to know what we’ve done in the past year? See our successes here: ATNJ Year 1 Successes

Since ATNJ’s founding, we have been funded solely by the generosity of our volunteers, who pay for everything ATNJ needs out of their own pockets. In order to continue our level of activism, ATNJ is holding its very first fundraiser. The first 50 donations of $60 or $5/month recurring will receive a limited custom made Persist Snowflake. Hurry before they run out!

THANK YOU, for persisting.

Please note: This is not a tax-deductible donation due to our status as a 501(c)4. The notice in ActBlue that says it is a 501(c)3 refers to ActBlue Org.