Support Local Progressive Candidates: Donate Days

Support Local Progressive Candidates: ATNJ Donate Days

We need you. Plain and simple. To make a difference in our state, we need to elect in candidates who will represent us and who will serve their communities. But they need money. Money for lawn signs, mailers, website hosting, canvassers. It’s not easy to sacrifice your family to run and serve your community. They do this while raising kids, working a full time job, and without any help from the Democratic party, which is also limited in the funds that it raises.

But YOU, Action Together folks, can make all the difference. Your hard-earned money will be critical with these candidates. We can learn from the effectiveness of the small- sized group, the NRA. There are only 4 million in their membership but the politicians know they donate and show up to vote. We MUST do the same.

Starting today, we are launching Donate Days initiative. **Every Monday and Thursday, we will feature one ATNJ member who is an NJ candidate for office (starting with the local and county level). We are asking you all to donate to this one candidate for that day. All it will cost you is one cup of coffee – er, the equivalent of a cup of coffee – $5. So put aside $1-2 today as we will have our first crowd-sourced fundraiser for a worthy fellow member who is running for office this Thursday.

That’s it. Who’s in with me to make a difference in our state? Let us know if you’re in!