Donate Days: Jennifer Green for Denville Town Council

Jennifer Green for Denville Town Council

With about 2 weeks to go to our important elections, there are many first-time candidates who have stepped up to serve their communities who need your help. We are delighted to support Jennifer Green, running for Denville Town Council. Please buy her a cup of coffee* and donate!


I’m Jennifer Green. This is my first time running for office. The weekend before the primary back in June, I saw a post from Winn here in the ATNJ group. She said three of the four Ward seats in my town had NO challengers from the Democratic Party. I knew that meant the seats would automatically go to candidates who wouldn’t have to campaign for the general election and, worse, I would have no choice of candidates on the ballot. **I decided to be the choice I wanted to see. I launched a quick write-in campaign, won the primary, and have worked full-on since then.

I’m running for Town Council because, whether we say it or not, we have a democracy gap in my town. Our American way of government depends on the respectful competition of ideas. You can’t have a competition if only one team is on the field. In Denville, every Council member is from one party and that’s pretty much how it’s been for years. That’s not good regardless of which party it is. Everyone says the competition plays out in the Republican primary. Really? That’s like only having pre-season play where a club fields its A and B team in a scrimmage. Sure, that’s a game, but it’s not a real contest. A real contest keeps every team on their best game and we’re all the stronger for it.

If elected, my focus on Councill with be the hard work ahead decisions for affordable housing, making Denville feel safer for walking and riding bikes, and practicing “open door” government to welcome more residents into town government decision making. Thank you for your encouragement and support.

Now, on to November 7! We have elections to win!

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