Donate Days : Dean Dafis for Maplewood Township Committee

Dean Dafis
Start changing NJ one cup of coffee* at a time! We are thrilled to support Dean Dafis running for Maplewood Township Committee (TC). Please donate $5 or more and share this post!

————— BIO
Maplewood’s first LGBT for the TC. Moved to Maplewood from Manhattan two years ago with my partner George Forbes. We LOVE it here!

It’s all Greek to me!

First generation Greek-American. Blue collar, working class roots in the stressful melting pot of downtown 1970s Philadelphia. In the hot summer, the fire hydrant was our pool. Our row house front door steps were our community center. Stick ball was our recreation. My parents came from Greece in the 60s to escape poverty and a military junta. Mom worked as seamstress and Dad performed several jobs until they were able to own their own business, a small diner where my brother and I learned the value of hard work and customer service at a young age.

To see my complete platform, please go to:

Some key issues are:

Continue implementing the recommendations of a recent pedestrian safety summit/study which includes better signage, speed bumps, repaving certain problem crosswalks, narrowing streets, considering bike lanes where appropriate, and reconceiving certain intersections..

COMMUNITY POLICING – Better bonds with our police; stop the bias, get to know us!
Policing doesn’t need to be a black box anymore. While Maplewood PD has done an admirable job of reducing crime overall, several repeated incidents of racial bias illustrate that we need to ensure that our officers:


SHARED SERVICES – Share more, pay less!
We must continue exploring opportunities to share services with neighboring towns (without sacrificing on essential services) and engaging in service agreements. We already do some of this and are getting closer to sharing a fire department with nearby South Orange. Establish a Shared Services Committee.

REVENUE – Increase revenue streams!
Generate revenue by leasing vacant lots, bringing in new businesses, eliminating unnecessary PILOTS to developers, increasing parking/traffic violation enforcement, and expanding parking permit areas.

HOUSING – Affordable and senior housing!
The seniors who built our community can no longer afford to live here! The apartments we’ve built have mostly been at market rate rent. We are not pushing our state reps to lobby for senior and low-income rebates and tax credits? We should push for responsible senior home sharing legislation and skillfully negotiate with developers for affordable/low-income setasides in future developments. Strengthen our Affordable Housing Board.

SCHOOLS The issues in our schools reflect the issues in our community.

Demand our fair share of school funding
Desegregating & Deleveling
Access & Equity in curriculum
Board of Education Committee