Donate Days : Caren Fitzpatrick for Atlantic County Freeholder!

Do “regular” people ever run for office to serve their communities or is it just party insiders? Here’s a wonderful candidate running for the first time ever. Will you support her with a cup of coffee*? C’mon, let’s change NJ here, one cup of coffee at a time. We are thrilled to support Caren Sollish Fitzpatrick!
—————— BIO

I’ve never run for political office before, but after going into mourning last November, one of our county freeholders asked, on the day of the Women’s March, if “they would be home in time for dinner.” That’s what made me send my resume to the Democratic Committee, and within 2 weeks, I was a candidate.

I have managed multi million dollar budgets for about 20 years, and am comfortable with that responsibility. But my focus, in addition to ridding our county government of misogyny, is to keep the money our residents pay in taxes in our county. The Board complains that no one bids on contracts, and that’s why they’re awarded to out-of-state businesses. I believe it’s the Board’s responsibility to educate local businesses in the RFP process, making them more competitive and able to win contracts.

Since winning depends on name recognition, I’ve been knocking and calling, but I want to do a cable TV ad in the last week of the campaign. The cost is $3,000. If you want to help, but cannot donate, I welcome volunteers to knock on doors in their neighborhoods to introduce me to their friends.

Here’s the link to my donation page, but please check out the rest of the site. Thanks!