Donate Days: Anna M. Evans for Hainesport Township Committee!

Anna M. Evans for Hainesport Township CommitteeWant to win back the House in 2018? Then help make it more competitive by winning local races this year! Please donate a cup of coffee* to Anna M. Evans today and be a part of helping her to win!
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Hainesport Township Committee has been 100% Republican for 25 years. This has led to cronyism, back room deals and many decisions being made that were not in residents’ best interests. When I became aware of this I decided to try to change things. I ran unsuccessfully last year after a brutal campaign. (I was one of the Dem candidates targeted by the Burlington County Superpac.) But I’m not the kind of person who gives up, so I’m running again.

My running mate, Edie Darnold, and I are running for a 3-year term on Hainesport Township Committee. One of our main aims is to challenge the Mount Holly Municipal Utilities Authority who are currently fleecing the surrounding townships they serve. Another is to bring total government transparency finally to Hainesport. I’d also like to get residents more involved in government by setting up such things as Neighborhood Watch.

We need small donations to get our names and message out to the voters. Mailers and yard signs cost $1500 and two large color banners $100. There are approx 4000 registered voters in Hainesport and we need to reach these voters.

If you cannot donate, there will be phone bank dates and times nearer the election. I would love to have people volunteer to walk literature around. Please contact my Campaign Chairman Kevin Connor for details at