Donate Days: Angela Bardoe for Pittsgrove Township Committee

Donate Days: Angela Bardoe for Pittsgrove Township Committee
Want to help women get their start in politics? How is this for local? We are delighted to support Angela Bardoe running for Pittsgrove Township Committee. Please help to change our state, one cup of coffee at a time and please donate the equivalent of a cup of coffee (or more). This is a LOCAL candidate so there’s no fancy online donation, just get out your checkbook the old-fashioned way and write her a check!

Checks would need to be sent to:

Pittsgrove Democrat Association

PO Box 965

Elmer, NJ 08318
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Angela Bardoe has spent her adult life serving others. Primarily she has done this through her employment as an educational interpreter for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community within the Vineland Board of Education. She has also freelanced as a community interpreter which recently included the honor of interpreting for Ambassador Phil Murphy at the Vineland Town Hall community event.

Angela was born and raised in the Villas in Cape May County, NJ alongside her brother by a single mother so she knows the experience of living in poverty and depending upon social services at times for their very survival. She also has had the experience of being a single mother herself for a time and knows how difficult it is to be the breadwinner; emphasizing how vital it is to have a frugal budget and live within your means. Giving back to the community is her intention through a conscientious desire to be accessible, listen and make the needs and concerns of Pittsgrove residents a priority in her life.

While a single mother and working a full-time job AND a part-time job, Angela attended Camden County College obtaining her interpreting degree and began working toward her Bachelors Degree in Social Services through Thomas Edison State University. She plans on completing this degree this year now that her children are grown.

These life experiences coupled with her Buddhist spiritual path have inspired her to offer what wisdom and compassion she has developed to her position as Pittsgrove Township Committeewoman and looks forward to serving with joy.