Congressional Campaigns Fact Sheet

Congressional Campaigns Fact Sheet


Congressional Campaigns Fact Sheet
Congressional campaigns in NJ can cost $5-7M on average. The entire amount cannot be raised from residents in-district alone. It must be raised nationally.

1- “I want to run for Congress!”
2- National donors take their cue from DCCC. The DCCC wants to know: “Show us that people believe in you!”

Donors: How many people believe enough in you to give you money?

How much can you raise per quarter? How much did you self-finance?


National donors rely on the DCCC’s “Red to Blue” list, which lists the most viable and competitive congressional races in the country to donate to.

They will look at a candidate’s profile and experience and success in raising funds, but they will also listen to local Democratic leaders. In New Jersey, they will wait until the county Democratic organizations endorse a candidate before jumping in.

Timing is crucial for fundraising! The earlier the support from county Democratic organizations, the more time to raise money from national donors. Congressional races from other states will also be competing for national attention.