Press Advisory : Clean Power Plan Testimony

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Press Advisory : Clean Power Plan Testimony

January 9, 2018

New York, NY – On Tuesday, January 9 at 2:30 p.m., Action


Together New Jersey ( ATNJ ) Environment Team activists joined the New York Office of the Attorney General and New York City Office of the Mayor at The New School Auditorium at 66 West 12th Street for the “People’s Hearing on the Repeal of the Clean Power Plan.”

The event flyer said the EPA would not be holding hearings in New York on the proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan , thus New York held two same-day sessions to make sure the people’s voices were heard. Similar ‘People’s Hearings’ are scheduled in Delaware , Pennsylvania and Maryland. There isn’t one scheduled in New Jersey.

Event organizers invited attendees to register in advance and upload testimony that will be compiled and submitted to the EPA. Interested persons unable to attend can submit public comments on the proposed Clean Power Plan repeal online before the open comment period window closes on January 16.

ATNJ Environment Team activists want the Clean Power Plan upheld and improved, and commitments to the Paris Accord honored. The team’s testimony echoed discussions from the recent free public #StillIn forum “ Clean Energy Future ,” which emphasized the urgency of transferring to renewable energy sources. Increasingly, ATNJ activists prefer 2018 candidates to be climate action advocates, especially considering the President’s decision to open our coastlines to offshore drilling .

“The decision to repeal the Clean Power Plan, along with the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement indicates the Trump Administration no longer believes the U.S. should be a global leader in the fight against climate change. This is concerning, as other countries make advancements in energy technology while the U.S. takes a step back from world affairs, further threatening our credibility on the international stage,” said John George, ATNJ Hudson County Co-Chair and member of the ATNJ Environment team.

“I refuse to stand on the sidelines as this administration lays siege to environmental safeguards like the Clean Power Plan, which protects our health, well-being, climate and future,” said Michael Aronsson, environmental advocate and member of the ATNJ Environment team, who testified in the second session of the People’s Hearing.

“The United States is supposed to be a global innovator and an exemplar in doing the right thing,” said Christine Clarke, Environmental Director with ATNJ and homeschooling mother of four. “To forfeit our international leadership on climate action and repeal protective regulations that safeguard public health is not only dangerous to the people and the planet, but shows a full abandon of the foundational principles upon which our sense of national identity was established.”

“There is no honor in choosing short-term profit over public health, especially when absence from the booming renewables market jeopardizes our long-term economic position,” said Clarke. “We must keep the Clean Power Plan and improve it.”

Harriet Shugarman, Exec. Director of Climate Mama, Chair of the Climate Reality Project NYC Metro Chapter and adjunct professor of climate change policy, was on Panel 10 with Clarke. Shugarman discussed the many high costs of inaction on climate change. “The World Health Organization has told us that air pollution is a carcinogen and perhaps the greatest threat to human health,” Shugarman said. “My husband is an oncologist. He already is too busy. The Clean Power Plan needs to be updated and strengthened, not dismantled.”

Video from the first session of The People’s Hearing is available on Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Facebook page . Testimony from Panel 10 begins at 2:10:00.

ATNJ Environment encourages everyone to submit public comments asking to keep the Clean Power Plan before the public comment window closes Jan. 16. Submit comments by sending an email to or by sending a fax to (202) 566-9744, using Docket No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2017-0355 in the subject line of the message.
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