Call the Dept. of Justice to Protest Sessions’ Seizure of Private Property

Call the Dept. of Justice now to protest Sessions’ seizure of private property!

GOAL: To STOP civil asset forfeiture from people suspected-but-not-convicted of crimes!

REASON: Jeff Sessions wants the government to police for profit by seizing cash and other property from people – without criminal charges or warrants! The personal assets of the accused would be taken and shared with federal agencies. Civil asset forfeiture was previously outlawed with bipartisan support!

ACTION: Call the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division at (202) 307-5763!

SCRIPT: “My name is [______] and I am calling from [State]. I read today that Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to reinstate the abusive practice of civil asset forfeiture upon persons only suspected, and not convicted, of crimes. This abusive practice was outlawed under the previous administration with bipartisan support, after over 55,000 seizures resulted in more than $3 billion in assets being taken from private citizens. Please do everything in your power to stop Sessions’ plan to police for profit through civil asset forfeiture. Thank you.”

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(picture from Washington Post)