Call for Independent Special Counsel #SpecialCounsel

Dep AG Rosenstein

The authority to name a ‘special counsel’ rests with Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein

GOAL: Call Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to appoint a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to oversee the investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia!

DEADLINE: Today, May 11, 2017

ACTION: Call DOJ Main Switchboard @ 202-514-2000 or DOJ Comment Line @ 202-353-1555

SCRIPT: “I am calling to ask Dep. Attorney General Rosenstein to stand up for the American people and restore our faith in the criminal justice system by appointing an independent special prosecutor to oversee and conduct the Russia investigation that FBI Director James Comey was leading before abruptly being fired on Monday.”

REASON: The White House LIED once again and cast Deputy AG Rosenstein as the mastermind behind FBI Director James Comey’s firing on Monday. In fact, it was Trump who (out of rage over his inability to quash the continuing narrative about Russia in the main stream news media) had specifically asked Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to put in writing a rationale for firing the FBI director.

Meanwhile, only a handful of Republican senators and representatives expressed concern at Mr. Comey’s firing, and there is as yet NO sign that the congressional investigations into Russian interference will be properly staffed or competently run. With everything that has transpired this week, Americans can have little faith that the Justice Department (led by AG Jeff Sessions), or an F.B.I. run by Mr. Trump’s handpicked replacement, will get to the bottom of Trump’s ties with Russia and how they influenced our 2016 election.

So now, with AG Sessions’ supposed recusal, ONLY Dep. AG Rosenstein has the authority to appoint an independent Special Counsel to oversee and conduct the Russia investigation that Director Comey was leading for the FBI when he was fired. He needs to do this NOW!