Call for Independent Commission #ComeyFiring

Congress owes it to the American people to uphold its Constitutional Duty to CHECK Presidential Power!

GOAL: The President is NOT above the law! Demand that your Members of Congress STOP putting Party before Country and uphold their constitutional duty in both the House and Senate by supporting the authorization of an INDEPENDENT COMMISSION and the appointment of a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to oversee the investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia!

DEADLINE: Today, May 11, 2017

OPTION 1: Call your Representatives at 866-426-2631

SCRIPT: “My name is [your name] in [ZIP code] calling as a constituent of [Senator Booker, Senator Menendez, Representative (your US Rep)]. I am asking for him/her to support H. R. 356 to authorize an independent commission and the appointment of a special prosecutor to conduct a truly independent, bipartisan, and unbiased investigation into Russia’s interference in last year’s presidential elections.”

OPTION 2: Tweet: (NOTE: Input your representative’s twitter handle in the tweet before sending!)

Not sure who your US Rep is?

US Senators:

US Reps:
NJ 1st District – @DonNorcross4NJ
NJ 2nd District – @RepLoBiondo
NJ 3rd District – @RepTomMacArthur
NJ 4th District – @RepChrisSmith
NJ 5th District – @RepGarrett
NJ 6th District – @FrankPallone
NJ 7th District – @RepLanceNJ7
NJ 8th District – @RepSires
NJ 9th District – @BillPascrell
NJ 10th District – @RepDonaldPayne
NJ 11th District – @USRepRodney
NJ 12th District – @RepBWColeman

REASON: The 10 year term of an FBI director is to help ensure that the President of the United States does not operate above the law. Trump’s dismissal of Comey smacks of cover-up and raises serious alarm bells for our system of checks and balances!

If a foreign government illegally tried to influence American elections, this constitutes a grave threat to our voting rights, our civil liberties, and our national security. And if a presidential campaign coordinated with that foreign government, we should ALL be concerned!

NOTE: Congress has the power to create a special commission to conduct an independent investigation. They can also demand that Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein appoints a special prosecutor (someone who is out of the DOJ chain of command) to oversee the ongoing investigation of Russian meddling, issue subpoenas, etc! Congress should act immediately!