Call for #IndComm #RussiaGate


CALL-TO-ACTION: It’s up to US to keep up the pressure and demand that our U.S. House Representatives STOP the partisanship games and support an INDEPENDENT COMMISSION to fully investigate Trump’s potential ties to Russia and his possible attempts to obstruct justice! The American public deserves to know the TRUTH!

DEADLINE: Today, May 17, 2017

OPTION 1: Call your U.S. House Representative @ 866-426-2631

SCRIPT: “My name is [your name] in [ZIP code] calling as a constituent of Representative [your US Rep]. I am asking for him/her to support bill H. R. 356 to authorize an independent commission and if necessary, sign a discharge petition to bring the bill to an immediate vote on the House floor. A truly independent, bipartisan, and unbiased commission is needed as soon as possible to remove the political games that have been hindering the investigation into Russia’s interference in our election.”

OPTION 2: Tweet: (REMINDER: Input your representative’s twitter handle in the tweet before sending!)

Not sure who your US House Rep is?

US Reps:
NJ 1st District – @DonaldNorcross
NJ 2nd District – @RepLoBiondo
NJ 3rd District – @RepTomMacArthur
NJ 4th District – @RepChrisSmith
NJ 5th District – @JoshGottheimer
NJ 6th District – @FrankPallone
NJ 7th District – @RepLanceNJ7
NJ 8th District – @RepSires
NJ 9th District – @BillPascrell
NJ 10th District – @RepDonaldPayne
NJ 11th District – @USRepRodney
NJ 12th District – @RepBonnie

REASON: In light of Comey’s memo describing Trump’s request to stop the investigation into Flynn and Russia, there is growing motivation within Congress to support the authorization of an independent investigation. Rep. Pelosi is looking to capitalize on this moment and file a discharge petition TODAY to force a vote on HR 356, legislation that will create an independent commission. And we must take this opportunity as well to let our Congressmen know that we support H.R.356 to get the FACTS. The bipartisan bill H.R.356, sponsored by Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), would establish an independent commission of 12 non-governmental appointees to fully investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election and any potential ties to the Trump campaign.